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Hand Surgary


Micro surgery and Plastic surgery are the two types of surgeries are performed for Hand surgery. Micro surgery is a sub- speciality performed with the aid of a microscope on structures that are barely visible to the naked eye. The Sub – speciality mainly deals with “Replantations.

Microsurgery (for finger deformities):

Replantation of a single finger or multiple fingers can be done through microsurgery. Even if multiple finger amputation has been done, one or more fingers can be replanted in a postion that will allow functioning of the hand.

Reconstructive Surgery (for tumors, nerve compression and arthritis:

Reconstructive hand surgery alleviates pain and helps correct deformities caused by tumors, nerve compression and arthritis.


Reconstruction of painful arthritic deformities is performed routinely and includes tendon transfer, muscle release and joint displacement fusion.