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Head & Neck


Head and neck surgery which involves removal of tumors from anywhere in the head and neck region. This includes the tongue, the voice box, the thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, salivary glands including the submandibular and parotid glands, tumors of the ear, tumors that involve the eye, and they work in coordination with neurosurgeons to remove tumors that involve the brain or the base of the skull.

Facial plastic surgery is a component of otolaryngology that can be divided into two categories they are
1) Reconstructive and 2) Cosmetic.

RECONSTRUCTIVE PLASTIC SURGERY: It is performed for the patients with conditions that may be present from birth, such as birthmarks on the face, cleft lip and palate, protruding ears and a crooked smile, accidents, trauma, burns or previous surgery are also corrected with this type of surgery. Some reconstructive procedures are required to treat existing diseases like skin cancer.

COSMETIC FACIAL PLASTIC SURGERY: It is Performed to enhance visual appearance of the facial structures and features. Common procedures include facelifts, eyelifts, rhinoplasty, chin and cheek implants, liposuction and procedures to correct facial wrinkles.